• 19/11/2014


    The Cultural Association of Sculptors from Guadalajara Project 3, has organized a showing in Antonio Pérez's hall at the San José Centre (Atienza street 4, Guadalajara), which has been entitled Sculture 014 and, among others artist, also takes part, the ceramist Teresa Chicharro.On this occasion, she does it with a piece named "Nap", in which a chameleon prowls around an emptly sphere (see picture), a work related with the "Bestiario" collection, what can be seen in this website. The caracteristics of the piece are: Stonewere, modelled by hand, cook 1.260 ºC, 25 x 25 x 30 cm.

    Chicharro usually collaborates with Project 3 in the periodic exhibitions that this association carries out. To carry out this showing, the sculptors association, has been supported by the Diputación Provincial. The exhibition was unveiled on the 6th of November and will be open untill the 22nd of the same month.

  • 13/08/2014


    Project 3, cultural association of Sculptors of Guadalajara, Spain, organized at the exhibition hall of the Campillo de Dueñas town hall, Molina de Aragón, a group show which will be displayed between 2 and 30 august 2014. The ceramicist Teresa Chicharro has been invited to participate and will be three parts: 

    Head hand thinking / Bronze/ 20x250x12 cm (in the photo)

    Dreamer / Bronze / 23x20x1 cm

    Inteligent hands / Plaster / 20x15x15 cm

  • 15/07/2014


    A part of ceramist Teresa Chicharro joint in the First International Contest of Creation Plastic and Mythology which takes place from 15 to 21 of July, 2014 in the Pons Foundation, located in Serrano Street 138, Madrid.

    The work is titled "Fruits of Poseidon" and belongs to the catalog Bestiary I, you can see on this website, and 2008 is the development. The contest has been called by Asteria, the International Association of Myth criticism. The piece is 28 cm in diameter, is made of stoneware in medium relief and has two firings, the first to cake at 950°C and the second in feldspar glaze at 1290°C.

  • 20/08/2012

    The same as almost everyone else, in the last few years I have had to adapt to new professional exigency and scenario. Amongst many other demands, the need has arisen to exhibit and offer my production and also to communicate with people who are interested in ceramic art. This is one of the main reasons which has impelled me to renew my website. This site has been created by a team of professionals which includes my partner, Antonio, and my friends Manuel, Margarita and Jorge. I would also like to mention the digital programmer, Pablo, who has transmitted to us from Rome his viewpoint and the formalities necessary to complete this task properly. I am sure that the good feeling that there has been at all times and the fact that we have not been pressured by strict schedules have helped to create a site which transmits conceptual serenity, as well as being clear and easy to surf through. We also believe that it contains the quantity and quality of information that visitors expect to find.

    All in all I hope that this site fulfills the expectations of all those who visit it and that we are able to communicate with everyone who is interested in doing so.